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I've authored or co-authored numerous specifications and articles. 

Ongoing specifications work




W3C TAG finding on versioning, with Norm Walsh.

W3C TAG finding on abstract component references

While not a co-author, significantly contributed to the Architecture of the World-Wide Web, particularly in the areas of formal models, diagrams, extensibility, versioning, formats and interactions

Atom format-02 Schema

Past specifications work



Web services architecture

Web services architecture usage scenarios




SOAP Conversation

Web Services Choreography Interface (WSCI)



SAML Domain mode version 05

SAML Dynamic Sessions version 00

orchard-maler assertions proposal

ITML Provisioning

Workshop papers

Binary interchange of XML workshop

XML Processing Model Position Paper

Web Services Workshop Position Paper

Journal Articles

- Versioning XML Dec 2003 article on versioning XML

- Four major constraints in achieving Loosely Coupled Web Services, an article about extensibility, versioning, asynchrony and standardization.

- Making Sense of Web Services Standards

- XML, SOAP and binary data

- Enterprise Java Beans for May 1998 Object Magazine

- Java and XML for April 1998 Object Magazine

- Java and Exceptions for performance for February 1998 Byte Magazine

- Distributed Objects and component comparison for January 1998 Object Magazine

- 1997: The Year Java answers the questions for June 1997 JavaWorld

Dave was a contributing author for McGraw-Hill's Programming Web Components, where he a Java Beans example and a Java Beans/ActiveX bridge example.

One of the first ever online courses, Mastering Cyberspace: A guide to the world-wide web, was authored by Dave and made available on Aug 95, is still online at the University of BC.   Versions for November 1996 of Mastering Cyberspace and May 1995 version of Mastering Cyberspace Note that the quizzes do not work in these free versions.

Personal Articles

Examining Element and Wildcards as siblings