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Dave's little rest stop on the side of the 'bahn. My home has a bit of info about me, some work related links, news sources that I use and other interestes.  I'm no graphics wiz - as you can see already :) - as I give "Just the facts, ma'am".  You can reach me at

In Aug 2001, I joined BEA Systems as Standards architect, representing BEA on W3C, WS-I and other standards. I'm currently an elected representative of the W3C TAG.

In my spare time, I do educating, speaking, and writing through my company,  Pacific Spirit Consulting.  Some highlights include:
- speaking at Web Services/XMLOne, JavaOne, XML Europe, NextWare; 
- writing about Web Services, Distributed objects, Java and XML for, Object Magazine, Byte, and JavaWorld magazines. 

A complete, but out of date, history of recent publications and speaking engagements is available as well as links to online versions of articles and presentations.  BEA is OK about this, as long as I do it on my own time and equipment and don't compete with BEA. 
I'm pumped about the Web, Distributed Objects, Java, and XML which I love to evangelize. I've been to and summarized the second Java One, first Java One and Third Web Conference (where Java and VRML were announced).  Employment history is available via my resume

I used to work for IBM Canada at the Pacific Development Centre.  Projects were 3-tier, network-centric using Java, Web and XML in the education market.  One of the more interesting assignements was being the technical architect for the Whistler project.  Whistler provides a 3-tier architecture integrating the University of Minnesota's back-end systems - such as PeopleSoft - to the web for complete student self-service web access to all University services.  IBM is doing huge amounts of work in Network Computing, so I've listed some of my favorite IBM links.


My Life


In June 2001, Deanna and I bought a house

I married the lovely Deanna Warner on September 7th, 1996.  No online pictures of her or the wedding, those are just for us. 

I'm helping organize the stag for Harminder Gill, which will be webcast live at the Harm Stag Live page 
daily Dilbert, he is the voice of the technoworker.  All hail. 


I get hockey news and stats from ESPNET SportsZone, USA Today, Sports Network, and SportsLine for live NHL scores, and get nhl regular season scoring stats from Maxwell Hockey Server, playoff stats, and  the official NHL page. I'm the Dallas GM in the FHL(current stats). As a good rugby player, involved in the Meraloma Pool (current stats)and also a pool (current stats) with some other friends including Harminder 

Team Ultimate

I'm trying this Team ultimate thing.  I play in the Vancouver Ultimate League 

Other Memes

There are a variety of memes I follow, including finance, Java, Distributed Objects, XML.  The rest of the information I'm interested is in the infosponge and miscellaneous pages.

Thanks for dropping by, and a have a great day!